Contact Information

ICEI Clinic

(813) 974-0968 (phone)
(813) 905-9836 (fax)

Hours of Operation

8am-5pm, Monday through Friday

Mailing Address

USF Interdisciplinary Center for Evaluation and Intervention (ICEI)
University of South Florida
13301 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. MHC 2113A
Tampa, FL 33612


Directions to the ICEI Clinic of USF
We are located in a large complex on the southeast corner of Fletcher Avenue and Bruce B. Downs Blvd.

Address Information:

  • Use the following address: 3266 USF Banyan Circle, Tampa, FL 33613. This should take you close to our parking lot (38G)
  • Please feel free to call us when you get to USF and we will help to guide you in
  • Below is a Map of our area. The yellow star indicates where you will park. Further details in following pages

*Click here for detailed directions to the parking spots and the clinic.

Questions & Information

To learn more, contact ICEI:
Phone: 813.974.0968
Fax: 813.905.9836

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ICEI Brochure