Photo of Shelley ClarkeMara Michelle “Shelley” Clarke, M.A., BCBA

Associate in Research

Ms. Clarke is a Faculty Member/Associate in Research, at the University of South Florida, Tampa, where she has been employed as an Applied Researcher/Behavioral Consultant for over twenty years. Within this position Ms. Clarke is also a core member of The Interdisciplinary Center for Evaluation and Interventions, fulfilling the position of Behavior Analyst. In this role she is primarily responsible for collaborating with families and professionals to develop evidence-based interventions for children in school environments in order to reduce problem behavior and promote success for children in daily routines. Ms. Clarke focuses on collaborating with families, care givers, and other professionals through a process of teaming and collaboration to develop and implement comprehensive behavior supports and interventions that are implemented with fidelity. This role also allows for Ms. Clarke to provide practicum supervision for students enrolled in the ABA Master’s Program at USF. During her tenure at USF, Ms. Clarke has presented at a number of local, national and international conferences, co-authored 28 peer-reviewed articles, two book chapters, and maintains credentials as a Senior Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Her current interests include; PBS, Early Childhood Interventions, Measures of Implementation Fidelity, Coaching, and Quality of Life Issues.

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